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May 2nd, 2011

05:52 pm - New Project Fics
 For my newest fic, I’ll take alphabets concept for each fic. Some of them will be one-shot, drabble, or maybe chaptered but not in ordered one. And for the pairing, some of it will be KyuWook, others YunJae (cause I LOVE that pairings so much >O<) and YeMin-EunHae-YooSu-2Min and others XD
Also, every title and also the songs (it’s random since my MP3 player is shuffled-set) I’ll listen will take a main part as the content of the fics. And, I don’t know how long this project will be done, so bear it, girls ^^
Anyway, English isn’t my first language, so I’m sorry if there’s mistake *bow*
Alphabet “A” : A First Meeting and A First Love *half done*
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October 30th, 2010

09:32 pm - My Prince 1/?

Title: My Prince (1/?)

Pairing: KyuWook (main) , others will be revealed in the story *aka i'm too lazy write it down :p

Rating: PG-13 *just for make it safe

Genre: a little angst, romance, fluff


(Ryewook's POV) His childhood friend that left him years before came back and suddenly became his fiance. He was excited yet afraid that he'll be rejected by other boy, will he finally get his love?

(Kyuhyun's POV) He is tired from moving around especially because he left his special person but when he came back to his hometown he found out that he already engaged with him. Yet, it seems to be a hard obstacle to gain this boy's love, will he succeed?



(Kyuhyun's POV)

''Appa, I'm not gonna moved again this time!'' I yelled at my appa.

''Kyu, don't be so stubborn, we want nothing than the best for you,'' his other dad gave him a look.

Well, yes, I had two dad. With one of them took the title ''umma'' 'cause his serene beauty and a warm-kinded soul yet the other was the one who being the protective [over-over-over protective if i can say actually] one. And me were raised by them as the only child as my umma was became more fragile after giving my birth.

''And the best was to not moved on!'' I yelled at my ''umma''.

''Kyuhyun! Don't yell at your umma like that!'' appa said while his stern look plastered on his face.

I sighed and continued, ''Why can't I get my own choice? It was already my 5th moving since I entered high school, not to mention the other in Japan.''

''Well, honey, it's the last time. We promise you. We just din't want anything happen as what happened in your old school,'' umma said while stroking my hair.

''We just can't lose you after those years. Forgive our stubborness, but it was the last thing we can give to you,'' my appa said.

I remembered those words again. My umma almost die in giving me birth. I heard those stories over and over when I was a kid. They had been through some countless years to be have me yet I'm being this rebel son.

''I'm sorry,'' I murmured those words as I hugged my umma.

''It's okay. We just love you so much so we don't know if we can't bear it you gone,'' umma said rubbed my back. His eyes already teary as he gave me his serene smile. I smiled back at him.

''I'll assure that the guard will be there to protect you so I didn't have to heard any whining protest from ur lovely umma,'' appa chuckled a little as he gave us his bear hug. Umma raised his head and tilted it so he faced the other man.

''Well, look's who's talking. He was the loudest to be scream when he heard that you being bullied by some gang back there,'' umma poked appa's side plafully.

''Oh, really?'' the mentioned man brushed his lip's after my umma's that gone blushed wildly and gave a little peck on his lover cheeks.

''Oh, guys, go get a room,'' I groaned at the gushy-mushy scenes in front of me and secured myself headed towards my room.

''Yah!! It's not nice to said something like that to your parent, boy!'' umma said while my appa slowly down his kisses to my umma's neck [Really? Infront of me?! How can they ignored their son? Aiish..]

''Yeah yeah..'' i chuckled silently as I glanced at my parent. They were so into each others. Then I headed towards my room and flopped on my bed closing my eyes and decided to take a trip to dreamland.



(Ryeowook's POV)

''wookie baby~~ come on, wake up, sweetheart!'' umma said loudly...

''umma, it's only 6 in the morning n u already waking me up? Oh , come on, it's sunday after all...'' i rubbed my eyes while strecthing up my hand and sat up on my bed.

''Honey bunny sweety, it's already noon and you better get some bath n breakfast before ur appa decided to take it for u,'' my umma said while pinched my cheeks

''awww, umma! Okay, okay, i get up!'' i said while pulled back my blanket but ended up tripped on my bed's edge n landed butt first. ''Ouch!!''

''wook honey! R u okay? Where r u hurt? Turn around so i can see u,'' umma kneeled infront of me and began examine me.

''umma, i'm already 17 n i didn't need to be worried like a 5 y.o kid'' i said stubbornly and pulled myself a little from umma's hug.

''u'r always be my little boy of course'' umma said with a pout in his face.

''yah, don't be like that umma. I'll always be ur little boy, 'kay? I promise :)'' i reassured him

''Weew, my son got ur hug n i didn't?'' appa entered my room with a fake pout in his face.. [aiish, my appa can be so jealous when it came to umma]

''hahaha, u know i love u'' umma took a glance but still sat next to me

''i knew it.. And i love u too, and also u my little son'' appa ruffled my hair n hugged my umma.

''Okay! Now go get a bath n dressed into something properly! Go go!'' appa took me to stood up by my feet suddenly.

''wae?'' i tilted my head and asked my appa curiously

''well, i want u to meet my friends from high school,he's my partners too, n he also had a boy same ur age as i remembered'' my appa said n grabbed umma's hand

''n go get a bath now or i'll give u the one'' appa continued as i scurried away n took my towel running like in lightbolt speed to my bathroom.


30 mins later..

''okay, here we are! Come on!'' my appa chirped happily. Woow, his friends must be a very very good friend for him

''and for ur info, his wifey also my friends too'' umma giggled as he stood side my appa.

And, ehem, i thought u didn't know my parent yet, right? Well, my appa is Kim Youngwoon or u know him by Kangin. He had a real estate n also finance companies all over the world. As for my umma, he is Kim Leeteuk, one of the most known designer. But now he was more concern for his husband n me of course, so he stayed in house. But, the real was that my appa was also a chairman of one biggest n strongest mafia gang in the world from the two. Yeah, it means i'm the mafia inherit. But, instead i took all my umma appearances. From my high cheek bones, my small body, n even my voice. Sometimes i got bullied by someone that had a rivalry with my appa's gang. So my parent were very concerned about my security. But, that's another problem.

Here, I am, infront of a big wooden door, as my umma leaned closer to knock, the door suddenly flew open.

''aaah~~ teuk!'' a middle-aged man hugged umma out of the blue

''heechul!! Oh! I missed you so much!'' umma replied the latter.

I examine him and found out that he has a beautiful blond hair with a gleefully brown pair orbs  n a delicate smile on his face. A middle-aged man came behind him, well, i thought he is a foreigner by his face but he also planted that same delicate n soft smile like the other man.

''oh! This must be ryeowookie sweety right?'' the man-who-called heechul broke away from the embrace n ran towards me and enveloped me in his huge (?) hug.

I almost fell behind but surprisingly he prevent me from failing.

''ah, sorry, i must be shocked u right? Well, i'm heechul n this is my husband hangeng'' he beamed down to me and i smiled my most-genuine smile.

''oh!! Geng, look! No wonder that i missed this boy so much! He is just beautiful as teuk! But, to overthink again, i thought he is prettier than u, teuk?'' the man teased my umma playfully as my appa n the-now-named hangeng laughed heartily.

''..well, u always be this cheeky when it comes to my son, so i forgive u, BUT, next time i'll ask geng's permissions to get u a punishment, right geng?'' umma said turn to the mentioned man.

And they broke out to a more louder laugh.


in the living room...

As soon as we entered the house heechul-umma [he forced me to call him that way] n hangeng-shi took us to the living room. It's a huge room with a rounded couch in the middlee of it. I could spot a mini bar in the corner and a plasma tv hang in the wall opposite it.

''Well, i'm going to call my son first, he really stubborn when it comes to starcraft'' heechul-umma sighed as he exited the door.

''he still love that game?'' my appa asked to hangeng.

''oh, yeaaah. Anywhere anytime if it's not his starcraft it must be his psp that'll be in his hand all the time'' hangeng-shi replied as he plopped down to the couch.

''well, he's a teen, so it must be normal. We also been like that years ago'' appa said while took the tea served earlier by some maid.

''aah~ yes, until u guys forgot ur boyfriend out of blue just because of the stupid game'' my umma went annoyed as he throw a frightening look to the other man.

''aiish, umma! I have to upgrade my level or else i'll lost my game!'' a man's voice that i didn't recognize reached my ear.

''oh, c'mon! I bet u'll be glad to see them! Especially wookie!''

I jumped a bit from my spot n hid my face behind some couch-pillow as the door swung open bringing a scene heechul-umma dragged some boy around my age behind him.


(Kyuhyun's POV)

i got embraced immediately the seconds umma open the door. I scaned the man infront of me. He had a golden-brown hair n a dimpled smile painted his face. I srunched up my forehead a bit.

''aunty teuk?'' i asked.

''aah! U remember me!'' the man squaked as he clasped his hands over his chest.

''haha, n do u still remember me?'' a man asked me from behind teuk-umma [i recognised his soft n dimpled smile everywhere].

''of course! Ur the only one that comfort me except from my appa if i got scolded by umma when i got into the game too much! Kangin appa!'' i highfived with him as my appa approached us.

''well, this is why i got jealous overload that ur son is can be found anywhere normal instead these three game maniacs'' my umma sighed and walked towards aunty teuk.

But, i couldn't get off my sight from the boy in the couch. And as my mind speak oud loud, teuk-umma called the boy.

''wookie sweety? U still remember kyuhyun, right?'' he asked.

Slowly, the questioned boy pulled down the pillow and peeked his head [yaah! He's so cute! ^^] and revealed a chocolaty brown eyes that almost covered by a deep brown side-bang. Those eyes winked shyly as the pillow brought down further. Soon i saw a high cheek bones framed a small heart-shaped pink lips. When his face completely uncovered, i gasped in awe as i can't believe how even God can only created a kind of the most perfect creature in the world n right the angelic feattre is in my house. My umma n aunty teuk giggled as they saw my reaction.

''well, i think a little level decreasing is worthry for this'' i said out loud caused the smaller boy in the couch blushed furiously. I can heard my umma chat happily n mentioned something like ''they'll be a cute couple'' n such

[wait?! Couple? W-what? What are they talking about?]

i took a spot n sat right infront of him. My umma n appa followed behind me n sat down.

''well, since we already gathered here, now let's go get the main topic'' my appa said gathering attention from others.

''eh, what topic?'' the boy asked. I noticed his face is went normal now. But his high-pitched voice gave a hint of shyness.

''oh, it's about your engaging!'' aunty teuk chirped happily while holding hands with my umma.

''what?!'' ryeowook shouted [if i sat next to him,  i'll be deaf in instant. His voice is already high-pitched n he shouted didn't help at all]

''eerm, u guys mean i'm in engage with ryeowook?'' i asked while glanced toward him. As my corner of my eyes took a glimpse that he flinched away uncomfortable in the couch.

''yes, actually, when my wife n chullie was pregnant we already settled ur engagement. But it turn out a little confusing since teuk gave a birth of a baby boy too. But, we knew that u guys will be a great couple,'' his appa explained happily n continued it while high-fiving with my appa.

''we knew each other?'' i asked him. Ryeowook on my side straightened his sat up hearing this.

''yess! U guys even slept n bath together back there when u still a little kid!'' my umma answered as he pinched ryeowook's cheekc playfully.

''eh??'' ryeowook squaked n blushed at my umma's statement.

''ah~ don't be shy wookie sweety, u used to be play with him all the day long n would be cried out loud when we need to go home,'' his umma hugged him while lifted him to sat on his lap. Ryeowook circled his arm around his umma neck tried to hid his blushed cheek.

''well, since u guys just met up, why won't u spend some hours to say hi n retelling ur current life, won't u?'' my umma said to me.

I nodded and stood up walked towards him and held out a hand to him. He lit his face up n turn redder than before but still reached out mine with a shaky hand.

i bowed a little to my n his parent and then led the way exited the room. Soon after we out of the room, i can heard my umma n teuk-umma squaked happily as they also said like 'oh my God, they'll be a real great couple!' 'do u saw how kyu gazed towards wook?' and everything became blured as i led the smaller man to the garden. I don't know why, but when i saw him i remembered how he loved rose so much, especially the purple one.

We stepped closser the bench near the fountain. He obviously took a spot avoided me but i closed the gaps n sat a little closser to him.

''So, you're still remembered me?'' I asked him while looked at him.

''Errm, yes, i think?'' he replied not looking at me. I followed his gaze and smiled because the thing that he saw. I stood up and picked one of the purple rose. He stared at me as I handed him the rose.

''You love purple rose, right?'' he blushed as he took the rose from my hand.

''T-Thank you.. Yes, I love them. You still remember?'' he asked me innocently with his doe eyes.

''Of course, how could I forgot the flower that my special loved?'' I replied as my smile spread widely on my face as my hand made a move to his oh-so-obvious red cheeks



A/N : it's along time since my last post yet, i'm comeback with a new fic -__- sorry but i had no idea about my first fic, so i ended up writing this :p and since next week i'll go to my daily exam maybe i'll edit it first then upload it so wait for it :D

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September 28th, 2010

09:53 pm
well, as now i get into mid-term exam week so i must pausing every posting but i'm still make one in my phone so i can saved it n typed it when i have times..

so just wait  ^^

n i have a new fic already knocking in my head too, maybe i'll get continuing my first n make the other also :D

hwaitting for me!!
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September 25th, 2010

12:02 am - It's You Since The Beggining, My Love (1/?)
Title: It's You Since The Beggining, My Love (1/?)
Pairing: KyuWook (main) , KangTeuk (side) , YeWon (side) , EunHae (side) , KiMin (side) , HanChul (side)
Rating: idk, G maybe?
Disclaimer: well, they're mine SM XD
A/N: it's my first fic n english is my second language so forgive me if i got slipped in grammars, still, i hope u enjoy it~~ :D n also the sign [..] it told the POV's mind and sorry fo my lame title and the silly story -___- really I'm not a good writer

It's been five years that I joined Super Junior. They're my brothers now, unlike what I felt before when it came t our first introduction as a new member. Ah, thought about that I remembered that not all of them accept me heartily. Especially, Heechul hyung. But, after all maybe it was because my disrepcet manners to him. But, now everything is alright. Then, I remembered this one person. A person that I hold for my dear life. He has a the most heavenly voice ever, he has that high cheek bones that frame his face so perfectly, he has that little cute mole that complete his looks, his laughter is the most soothing to my hearing, his touching is like magic for me, even his petite and slender body is geogeus! But, he always deny that, telling that I was the one that had the most perfectly figure and voice from all of our members. Really, he can be so persistent if he want to be sometimes.. I sighed at the thought and glanced towards him at the kitchen from the dining table. He already cooked for our breakfast in this early hours [of course with  his cute rabbit-printed white apron tied up in his body. He looks sooo cute from here ^^].. He was so caring to the members even if he also felt tired. Oh, yeah, I hadn't tell you who is he, right? He's my Kim Ryeowook... 'Kay, he's not "mine" but I have this strong feeling that he will be mine soon.. or later. Unfortunately, while I got trapped with my mind, he turn around and saw me looking "too" intensely to him. After make sure that the soup he made wouldn't boil, he already walked toward me.
"Kyu, are you alright?" he asked me with a concern voice and worried face plasterred all over his face.
"Hyung!" I jerked back caused by his face that only an inch away from mine. I swore that my face would be as red as the tomato.
"Your face red, are you sick, Kyu?" he placed one of his hands on my forehead.
I felt embarassed but it also calming, his hand always been give me this kind of feeling.
"N-no, I'm fine. It's just, I-I'm still, eerm, sleepy, yeah, sleepy!" I tried to smile, trying to hid my embarassment from the older man.
"Huuf, I thought you are sick. We have to record a performance and it will be a big loss if our most powerful singer get a fever, right?" he smiled sweetly to me.
[OMG! Is he trying to kill me with those smile?! Seriously!!]
"Yah, Wookie hyung, you're the one that have those mesmerizing voice, right? i got nothing if I being compared to you.." I tried to act naturally, yes, and it means being that snarky magnae.
"Hahahahaha! 'Kay, okay, I won't debated it again.." his laughter echoed thorough the kithchen. I gasped from the sound that invaded my ears. It's really calming yet sweet.
"Yah, it's just 7 in the morning and you guys already make some noise.. Can't you guys be a little quiet, pretty please?" EunHyuk hyung walked in while stretching out his hand.
"Mornin' all~~" DongHae hyung chirped happily as he headed forward to EunHyuk hyung who just slung his arm on his boyfriend's shoulders. I got jealous at his act that I couldn't do the same thing toward RyeoWook

Yessss, pretty yess. They were dating. They told us a few months after Super Junior first debuted. At the first time, the members were shocked, but it turns out to a rather funny conversation. Suddenly Kangin appa [we call him like that because like one, he always protect and caring for us altough his figure is the most frightened from all of us] hug LeeTeuk umma [and yes he is the motherly one here and being the "special" pair-up to Kangin, and no one is being pairing up with Leeteuk umma since Kangin always suddenly being gloomy and pissed off at that suggestion and ended up as our manager hyung went out from our dorm withh a headache, poor man] from behind and made the older man yelped. and the next sentences was shocking us the most. How it can be so shocking, you ask? Yeah, it wouldn't be so shocking if your bestfrieds actually have been a lovers and didn't tell their bestfriends in the first place. LeeTeuk fell off on Kangin's lap and could do nothing than clutching to the others neck and hid his face that now equal just like the tomatoes. It dropped down silence first but then we all laughed heartily and gave them some congratulation hugs.. Really, if they were happy, who are you that can stepped in their way? So, it took a day that all the member went to confess their own realtionship. Siwon was fell in love with YeSung in the first sight and we couldn't do nothing since Yesung also fallen mad for the other man. The same goes to Kibum as a cool guy like him strangely fell for a pink-lover guy which is Sungmin. At first, Sungmin told us that he insisted to avoid Kibum once butsince is no use so he truly accepted his own feeling toward the bookworm guy. But, the most strange was Hangeng hyung and Heechul hyung. I knew that the one is so handsome and the other so beautiful in the man's way, but realy Heechul hyung was really such a commander person ad Hangeng hyung was just too nice. But, I stopped my thought right away because suddenly Heechul mentioned that only me, Ryeowook, and Shindong hyung that got no lovers. Shindong hyung just shrugged his shoulders and said that he really straight and already have some date. But, lucky for me, Heechul hyung just kept paired up me and Ryeowook which made the latter blushing madly and the thing he could do just bowed his head as he knew if he looked up Heechul hyung would be love to tease him more. I couldn't help but felt my blood running up to my face and heated it so it lookd more redder from before and Kangin hyung teased me. All we can do just kept silence and the next thing i knew that when I glanced over to him, he also trying to stole some looks towards mine and then he got shocked went down his head even more. My eyes gone wider as I knew that his blushed face gone even redder because our eyes contact. But, before I could asked him the reason, Leeteuk hushed us to head to our room and get some sleep. And in second he ran out to his shared room with Yesung hyung, leaving me confused at his actions.
But, for Kyuhyun to missed one more, was the look in Leeteuk and Kangin eyes as they eyeing the double magnae, feeling that someday the Kyuhyun and Ryeowook will being more than courage to express their feeling. With that thought, both Kangin and Leeteuk went to their shared room, face plastered with a soft smile.

A/N: okaaaay, finish it! \^^/ actually, it just popped out of my mind and i typed it right then and there ao it maybe some lack in the plots.. anyway, comments are loved and thank you for reading :)

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